Zynev  Andropause

Many aging men experience Andropause, the reduction of testosterone and other hormones. Symptoms of Andropause may include reduced sexual response, lack of energy, increased body fat and mental lethargy. Andropause can be a struggle for many men because it can be frustrating when your body just doesn’t do what it used to. Although testosterone replacement therapy is available, it can have serious side effects and come at a great cost. Many men have instead looked to natural, herbal therapies.

Zynev is a safe way to boost Free Testosterone* and burn fat.  Almost every man can benefit from an increase in Free Testosterone* to increase his experience in the gym and in the bedroom.

*Most of the Testosterone in your blood attaches to two proteins: Albumin and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, or SHBG. Some testosterone is unattached to proteins, or free. It can be important to measure a person's level of free testosterone because this hormone is responsible for sexual traits.

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